You can manage risks, audits, incidents and hazards the simple way with enterprise risk management software.

Our best-practiced solution, which complies with international standards and the COSO framework, will help you to easily identify and manage strategic, corporate, operational and project risks so you can make better decisions into the future.

We will help you make risk management part of your organization culture, so you can identify, track and manage risks with confidence and link this management to your organizational strategy.

Report actual incidents and ear misses as they occur, conduct investigations, determine their impact and monitor them until the case is closed. We will also help you identify hazards, evaluate them in terms of risk and monitor them so they don’t become a problem for your organization. In short, we will help you ensure workplace health and safety.

In terms of audit, our system will help you schedule and manage internal and external audits, along with the findings and recommendations associated with them.

Risk managers will enjoy having everything in one system that is easy for others within the organization to use as well.