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With remote working now becoming the norm rather than the exception, your systems are accessed in different locations via different devices. Now, more than ever, cybersecurity has gained priority as a focal point amongst C-suites.

Just because you cannot see an attack does not mean that your organisation is not infiltrated with malware. Many cyber-attacks go undetected, compromising your business day by day. Left unguarded, your business may one day be crippled and by then it will be too late.


How vulnerable is your organisation to cyber-attacks? Is having secured passwords on users’ individual devices enough? Does having a firewall installed guarantee protection over cyberattacks? In an effort to increase their protection against cyber-attacks, enterprises tend to go into a state of what we call ‘Fog of More’ – they purchase an overload of defensive support, more tools, more knowledge, more options, more advice and requirements. It’s more tools, more investments but not necessarily more security.


To help organisations adequately plan against cyber-attacks, we go with 3 basic rules:







  1. Prevent: This is the first layer of security in any business model, prevention is key to the most destructive malicious attack. This layer prevents attacks before it reaches your assets, also known as perimeter defense. It could be an endpoint or network prevention, but prevention solutions are crucial in any enterprises.
  2. Protect: The second layer in the cybersecurity ecosystem will be to protect your assets. By keeping your assets safe from attacks, you have already won half the battle in cybersecurity. Protection could come in the form of encryption or two-factor authentication where assets or critical information are heavily guarded.
  3. Remediate: When your assets have been compromised, remediation helps to contain the virus and to stop it from damaging or spreading to the rest of the assets. It would give you insights into questions like what, where, when, and how did the attack happen. This would help to mitigate the loopholes and close up the airgap.



PTC is here to help you to rectify and advise you on your company’s cybersecurity posture. We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to understand and boost cybersecurity efficacy in enterprises, helping them to enhance their posture. Reach out for a FREE consultation!

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