Storage Consolidation

Managing the growth of data is a challenge. How data are stored and make available will become strategic advantages for enterprises. Our approach lets you consolidate storage from several of servers using simple and powerful tools that help you to manage storage effectively. Our solution offer high reliability and high data availability.

Data Protection

Now more than ever, your enterprise must focus on disaster and recovery. Downtime are costly, long downtime can be catastrophic. We ensure that mission-critical data is backup, replicated and we enable retrieval of data after unplanned events as such user error, system failure and operational outages. We offer remote site mirroring and disaster recovery.

ILM / Tiered Storage

We automate the data classification. Data must be stored in the most appropriate tired storage. Managing the content of data save cost. We deploy best-of-breed solution that matches their unique business requirements for data management and regulatory compliance. We offer an effective alignment of storage resources for optimum performance and preservation while maintaining cost under growing needs.

Data Security

Data security in transit has becomes an important concern for many enterprises. Storage security, privacy, secure consolidation and regulatory compliance. We protect the core of the storage network by seamlessly inserting a layer of data encryption, authentication and key management.