We help to create Enterprise Data Lake (eg. Hadoop Data Platform), this include Hadoop deployment, tuning and troubleshooting.


For enterprise, perhaps the most powerful impact of a data lake is the enablement of innovation. Many enterprise struggles to establish a culture of data-driven insight and innovation because they are bogged down by the structural silos that isolate departmental or divisionally divided data stores, and which are mirrored by massive organizational politics around data ownership. To implement, an enterprise data lake provides the necessary foundation to clear away the enterprise-wide data access problem at its roots. PTC offers previously unavailable exploratory analysis and data mining opens up, enabling completely new possibilities.


New data consumption requirements and use cases emerge extremely rapidly. The entire philosophy of a data lake revolves around being ready for an unknown use case. When the source data is in one central lake, with no single controlling structure or schema embedded within it, supporting a new additional use case can be much more straightforward.


With a properly designed data lake you can truly enable self-service Business Intelligence. Allow the business users to access to whatever slice of the data they need, letting them develop the reports that they want, using any of a wide range of tools. IT becomes the custodian of the infrastructure and data on the cloud, while business takes responsibility for exploring and mining it.


When designed and built well, a data lake removes data silos and offer flexible enterprise-level exploration and mining of results. The data lake is one of the most essential elements needed to harvest enterprise big data as a core asset, to extract model-based insights from data, and nurture a culture of data-driven decision making.