AI Integration Hub (NVIDIA and NetApp)

AI Integration Hub to enable enterprises to better harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science to solve complex problems. The PTC AI Integration Hub is built on NetApp® ONTAP® AI, a converged infrastructure stack that combines NVIDIA DGX™ systems for compute and NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) for cloud-connected storage.

Created to accelerate the deployment of AI application use cases, the AI Integration Hub brings High-Performance Computing (HPC) to the enterprise through a validated architectural design for compute, storage and networking. Organizations that aim to use NVIDIA® CUDA® to stress test and optimize their AI models can now also access the services offered by the AI Integration Hub for free.

The AI Integration Hub’s easy-to-deploy and holistic edge-as-a-service solution offers testing on stackable smart edge devices that dramatically transforms the deployment of AI and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The AI Integration Hub’s goal is to accelerate applications’ ability to run on a fully-loaded NVIDIA DGX A100 with eight NVIDIA A100 GPUs. Conduct testing for free, that aim to encourage AI adoption.

AI workloads require high performance infrastructure to enable enterprises to run AI training, inference, and data science workloads. The AI Integration Hub helps accelerate customers’ success by creating a simplified path to AI adoption.

Recent benchmark testing for organizations, such as PI. Exchange and Speakr, have resulted in incredibly fast and remarkable outcomes.

NetApp ONTAP AI helps streamline data flow and speed up analytics, training, and inference through a data fabric that cuts across edge, on-premises and cloud environments. By delivering unified AI workloads and simplified deployment, this new solution will enhance businesses’ ability to acquire the insights they need to expand their customer touchpoints, reinvent customer experiences, and achieve their strategic transformation goals.

NVIDIA’s accelerated computing technology can help to significantly shorten the time it takes to develop and perfect AI models. By enabling access to a world-class accelerated computing infrastructure, the AI Integration Hub is offering companies an opportunity that should not be missed.

Organizations that would like to test their AI applications and understand the best approach to setting up a secure HPC and AI infrastructure across both on-premises and in the cloud can reach out to PTC at 65-62820255 for more information.

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