UiPath announced today that a reseller agreement has been signed with leading enterprise data management solutions provider PTC System Pte. Ltd. (PTC).

The partnership with UiPath will see PTC offer UiPath’s RPA platform to its customers located throughout Southeast Asia, and the solution will be used to streamline their customers’ business processes. In addition, the PTC team will be fully-trained in UiPath’s technology, enabling it to provide full service support for their customers on an ongoing basis.

Thomas Chin, Vice President of Sales for APAC, said: 

UiPath’s enterprise RPA solution is the most widely used in the world, and is recognised for its sophistication and capability, incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and an open, extensible architecture designed for truly smart, highly scalable automation. UiPath provides a powerful platform, capable of simulating user interaction and therefore helping accelerate operational processes, increasing agility and delivering greater value to customers by optimising productive or business processes. Ultimately, this partnership will result in significant value-add for PTC’s customers, who will be able to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and redirect valuable employee resources to more value-added tasks now that many repetitive, rules-based tasks will have been effectively automated.

SS Lim, Managing Director of PTC, declared:

PTC have over 30 years of experience understanding things in their digital form, and over $1 billion in investments in bringing that information back into the physical world, so we know how technology can advance our customers’ business and we know UiPath is the perfect addition. We help our customers operate in a smart, interconnected world where speed and quality are the norm, and so by leveraging UiPath’s RPA solutions we will be able to help our customers advance and grow at a faster, more sustainable rate through intelligent, low cost automation. Importantly, we will also be equipped with the skills to be able to provide high quality, ongoing support for our customers on all things related to UiPath’s RPA solutions.

PTC will enable customers to run routine tasks with agility and accuracy. By automating these repetitive processes using software robots, the employees in their organisations will be able to refocus on more strategic, creative and customer-facing initiatives.