Over the last few months, while we were concerned about our future due to the pandemic situation but we see different opportunities in the horizon.

We started to broaden our offering to our customers. We understand that our customers are also face with their own challenges, the need to take on the digital transformation journey for both business and IT.

The new era will incorporate AI, ML, Deep Learning to be added in their transformation journey.

PTC has embarked into SMART offering solutions using AI to solve the following areas of businesses.

Smart Manufacturing

Safety Inspection

Human Behavior

Last Mile Transportation

Business Process

Video Management System

Real Time Data Analytics

Objectives of Digital Transformation is not jumping on to the bandwagon but the ability to provide better customers experience for both external and internal users.

We predicated that by 2020 AI will become mainstream thus we have to adopt to the new era.

If we can narrow down on projects that will yield the benefits for 2020, we need to start soon as we only have 18 months to work on it. It could be a step approach to ensure we have a successful outcome.