Leading the way to application-driven infrastructures

Automating and optimizing cloud infrastructure to deliver availability and performance at the lowest possible cost

Ensure availability and performance 

Avoid service disruption while utilizing a balanced blend of spot, reserved and on-demand instances without compromising availability and reliability. Spot delivers availability and performance across all types of cloud compute resources using sophisticated machine learning and analytics to predict interruptions and auto-replace instances.

Continuously optimize cloud resources 

Workloads get exactly the resources they need, when they need them, avoiding overprovisioning and reducing wasted resources. Spot’s technology assesses and predicts resource requirements and autoscales your infrastructure in the most efficient way possible.

Reduce cloud infrastructure costs 

Identify where and how you can save up to 90% without changing or rearchitecting your applications. Spot provides insights, guidance and automation across all your cloud infrastructures to understand and optimize your cloud spend.

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With the emphasis placed on controlling operating and support costs, and improving manageability through quick yet simple methods, organizations realize the importance of desktop virtualization in helping them resolve IT and business challenges.

Desktop virtualization ensures that you migrate and upgrade operating systems and applications in addition to benefitting more from existing desktop assets. In addition, it eliminates the need for extra IT admin staff through providing virtual desktops while protecting corporate data.

Desktop Infrastructure refers to the process of running a user desktop inside a virtual machine that lives on a server in the datacenter.

It’s a powerful form of desktop virtualization because it enables fully personalized desktops for each user with all the security and simplicity of centralized management.

We offer a broad diversity for different users, including task workers, power users, guest workers, contractors, and mobile employees. Our solution enables us to deliver the right type of virtual desktop for every user, every time.

Internet Access and Security

Today’s knowledge-driven organizations must balance Internet usage requirements with network security. Many employees need high-performance Internet access to work effectively, yet companies need to protect their internal networks from viruses, hackers, and other vulnerabilities.

Bandwidth Optimisation

IT continually finds itself trapped between the conflicting requirements of keeping costs in check while providing users with new and faster applications.
To solve this dilemma, IT needs a cost-effective approach for optimizing WAN performance. solving issues related to bandwidth congestion and the redundant transmission of large files, high latency and loss, application contention for access.

Network Identity

Connecting applications to the network infrastructure continue to evolve. In this dynamic environment, managing the identities of users, devices, sessions, and directories that connect applications to the network infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex, critical, and costly.

Storage Consolidation

Managing the growth of data is a challenge. How data are stored and make available will become strategic advantages for enterprises. Our approach lets you consolidate storage from several of servers using simple and powerful tools that help you to manage storage effectively. Our solution offer high reliability and high data availability.

Data Protection

Now more than ever, your enterprise must focus on disaster and recovery. Downtime are costly, long downtime can be catastrophic. We ensure that mission-critical data is backup, replicated and we enable retrieval of data after unplanned events as such user error, system failure and operational outages. We offer remote site mirroring and disaster recovery.

ILM / Tiered Storage

We automate the data classification. Data must be stored in the most appropriate tired storage. Managing the content of data save cost. We deploy best-of-breed solution that matches their unique business requirements for data management and regulatory compliance. We offer an effective alignment of storage resources for optimum performance and preservation while maintaining cost under growing needs.

Data Security

Data security in transit has becomes an important concern for many enterprises. Storage security, privacy, secure consolidation and regulatory compliance. We protect the core of the storage network by seamlessly inserting a layer of data encryption, authentication and key management.

Downtimes are costly, but long downtime can be catastrophic. Now more than ever, the focus placed on disaster and recovery increases as your capacity continues evolving rapidly along with the mounting of available information.

This solution ensures that your mission-critical data is securely backed up and replicated to enable retrieval of data upon unplanned events such as user error, system failure and operational outages. Apart from maintaining data integrity and ensuring tasks are run on schedule, it also offer remote site mirroring and disaster recovery.

Data protection seeks to have overall balance to protect business critical applicaton and yet cost effective.

A well designed, implemented and managed data protection system will consider different technologies and processes that will ensure customers able to comply with internal policies and external regulations, promote operational efficiency, ensure business continuance in the event of a disaster and to minimize both operational and capital expenditures.

The evolution of existing technologies like tape and drives and the introduction of new technologies like deduplication, allow organization to re-evaluate their data protection plans. This is because data continues to grow at an increasing rate.