Built on Hadoop, a massively scalable, fault tolerant open data platform that ingests hundreds of terabytes per day and supports reliable, economical, long-term data retention.
Maintain a single copy of your data in an open data format and make it available to other applications as needed.

• We can offer a solution to connect to all these devices without agents to poll data. We automatically deployed on the corporate network in a matter of a few hours, and immediately offers an invaluable new cybersecurity view.
• We automatically builds and assesses a security eco-system based on an enterprise’s existing cybersecurity infrastructure.
• It then quantifies baseline security and vulnerability levels in various domains and customizes Critical Security Controls to ensure continuous and robust enterprise protection.
• We reveals the security tools infrastructure gaps that exist and which need to be closed. This, in turn, provides the organizations with the best indicators as to the types of cybersecurity solutions with functionality issues, are misconfigured in order to provide complete cybersecurity protection.
• We are able to provide information with regards to Compliance status, we can support ISO27001, PCI, TRM or any Compliance standards.

Privileged credential is always the critical IT asset for an organization. Studies show that majority of data breaches reported today are related to compromised credentials. Password is always the hacker’s best friend. Hackers may take times to crack the password, depending on its complexity and algorithm. But, the fact is that, once compromised, they could access your network and critical data freely. Without proper control in place, organizations are exposed to high risk of attack surface.

From IoT to an always-on mobile workforce, organizations face increasingly complex IT infrastructures from campus to branches that are more exposed to attacks than ever before. You need a seamless path from device and user discovery, wired and wireless access control, attack detection and adaptive response – based on set policies.

Become Malware Free in Less Time and with Better Results.
Considering traditional antivirus software only detects around 40% of all malware. How do you ensure your threat level gets down to zero?
Unfortunately, most enterprises deploy a traditional “detect and respond” antivirus solution that leaves their systems open to continual attacks, 60% of malware goes undetected within your enterprise systems. They face a constant, reactive cycle that drains resources, leaves them open to regulation violations and can impact brand reputation and their bottom line.

We provide a model deployment platform that enables corporate data science and IT teams to rapidly prototype, deploy, maintain, and retrain machine learning workflows that accelerate time to value.

By treating the big data ecosystem as a first class citizen, we can bridge the gap between data science and IT.