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PTC Overview

PTC specializes in providing enterprise data management solutions and services to manage the technology challenges of enterprise customer. Our strengths are built upon our passion, total commitment and vision on data management services to help our customers to achieve the best business results like better performance, investment protection and maximum value.

We offer consultancy services to our customers on issues on complexity of IT infrastructure, bandwidth resources, disaster recovery, and storage growth of data and total cost of ownership. Our solutions simplify data management, data access, better security management and improve overall performance.

We help our customers build cloud infrastructure to simplify IT operation and meet IT most critical needs. We automate disaster recovery, offer high availability and simplify backup and recovery. Through our IT automation, our customers enjoy significant cost-saving through reduced manpower and maintenance requirement.

 PTC Overview
 The Foundation

The Foundation

PTC was incorporated in 1991 primarily offer solutions to serve the manufacturing sector. Today, PTC has expanded into many other sectors of the market.

Putting the Customer First

Our customers enjoy comprehensive support services provided by highly trained professionals who are headed by an experienced management team. We disseminate timely technical information and work closely with our customers to understand their needs and investment that go a long way towards building customer confidence, and we have well-equipped facilities where we conduct test to eliminate guess work. At PTC System, we put our customers first as we built our reputation on providing a long term commitment to our customers success.

We provide various type of support, including onsite service, normal office hours, 24×7 support, maintenance, e-mail support and educational services. This is to cater for company with different needs to ensure smooth deployment and reduce downtime.

What Clients Say

“Thank you for the quality of service provided by PTC team. We sincerely appreciate your team’s efficient, gracious support and service.

We have, and will continue to, recommend PTC for our future projects. Our team could not be more satisfied with your work, and we look forward to continuing this relationship.”

Phillip Capital

PTC is our excellent partner. PTC worked with RWS on backup solution during the pre-opening construction phase of our resort in the early stages of our IT infrastructure planning. They have worked exceedingly well to meet our storage and backup requirements and have provided outstanding support to our requests diligently. We are very satisfied and highly appreciative of PTC’s impressive performance as our valued partner, and we today continue to count on PTC for their support of RWS’ IT infrastructure needs. Their invaluable support has far exceeded our expectations.

EVP, Technology and Shared Services, Resorts World Sentosa

Community Service

PTC as an organization has one motivation, to be able to benefit others. PTC understands the need to help organizations further their social mission and help lives of those in need. This is part of our corporate social responsibility.

Empowering employees to devote time to do community work. Donating to nonprofit organizations both locally and globally.

Volunteer Activities include:

  1. Provide services to mild intellectual disability center
  2. Cleaning of old folk home
  3. Participating in community projects

Organization in the list:

  1. Metta School
  2. Society of Continence (Singapore)
  3. Ang Mo Kio Old Folks Home
  4. The Assisi Hospice
  5. FMPT Inc.
  6. School Pocket Funds

 Community Service

Customers Relationship

We OWN our customers' problems by solving their IT challenges through delivering Data Management Services to help them achieve their Business Objectives.

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