Cloud Computing



Cloud Computing is delivering real business value to organizations. Enterprise Cloud computing is used in various industries like Manufacturing, Financial Services, Government, Defense, Life Science and Education.


With business users urging for faster response speed and management demanding for lower costs. IT requires a solution to solve escalating business needs posed by traditional servers, storage and network enviornments. In additional to providing scalable, on demand resources and services to security-rich, enterprise-class virtual server enviornments, cloud computing is also suitable for serveral types of dynamic workloads. It provides a more efficient, flexible and cost-effective solution while ensuring the value of your existing technology investments remain constant.


IT organizations are under significant pressure to create, deliver and maintain flexible IT services that enable the business to respond quickly to changing business conditions. This growing need to support business agility requires a more dynamic, automated datacenter infrastructure. The existing physical infrastructure is difficult to automate, mired in complex dependencies and manual tasks. Virtualization provides a reliable, flexible platform that makes it possible to leverage existing infrastructure while eliminating hardware dependencies and creating dynamic, standardized software containers that can be moved and changed on demand. By eliminating the dependencies on physical infrastructure, the once-elusive goal of automation and business agility becomes possible. PTC helps customers to leverage virtualition to achieve greater business agility


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