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Big Data

Figure 1: PTC Big Data Analytics



The complexity of a Big Data solution can range from a simple BI dashboard creation with minimum data integration to complex turnkey Big Data Suite implementation which involves the complete stack (as in fig.1). PTC’s strengths are built upon:

Our Passion – We believe in helping organizations resolve business challenges by making better decisions with deeper and wider insights (from data) from Big Data Solutions/Platforms

Total Commitment – We believe in owning the solution that we propose to our customers. This includes any technical challenges that is faced along the way. Big Data is a journey, in which we will guide and support our customer in the Big Data Journey they are on

Vision on Data Management – Data, being the key ingredient in most Big Data Analytics Solutions, suggests/determines how an organization should use data to drive its business to differential themselves from their competition.

PTC System provides the relevant expertise in:

  •              Hadoop Data Platform Deployment

   Hadoop deployment

   Hadoop tunin

   Hadoop trouble-shooting

  •              Business Analytics / Data Science

   Data ELT

   Data cleansing

   Data analytics/science

  •              Visualization / Business Intelligence

   Presenting insights with Visual / BI

   Visual / BI consulting

With reference architecture on various platforms:

  •       Business Intelligence Software
  •       Data Analytics (SQL, Python, Scala)
  •       Data Science Platforms
  •       Infrastructure (DAS & Appliance)

And integrates/implement Big Data Analytics Solutions for our customers.

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