8 January 2015 – PTC signs a Memorandum Of Understand with Republic Polytechnic. The MOU facilities the investigations, planning, discussion and negotiations on collaborating on the following activities:

-       Student Internships

-       Student Final Year Projects

-       Employment opportunities for new RP graduates

-       Sponsorship of S$9,000 to three deserving and qualified RP students

The MOU shall be valid for a period of three years from the date of the MOU and may be extended for such period.

PTC will provide guidance on Hybrid Cloud - a final year project for RP students. Students will build a Software Defined Data Center that has the ability to integrate to Public Cloud, allowing the students to create a work load environment between the Private and Public Cloud infrastructures.

PTC is working to offer Scholarship Programmes to the selected new RP graduates. They will be employed by PTC while pursuing a degree as a part time student. PTC will be sponsoring the degree course.

PTC's partnership with RP will help to build a strong talent pool for the ICT sector and inspire RP Diploma graduates to pursue a degree with financial aid.





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