PTC System Strengthens Commitment to Customers and Vendors with Tenfold Increase in Paid-Up Capital to S$2M

SINGAPORE, 9 December 2014 – Leading enterprise data management solutions provider PTC System Pte Ltd (PTC) has announced an increase in its paid-up capital from S$200,000 to S$2,000,000. This comes about from capitalization of an equivalent amount in revenue reserve and issuance of 1,800,000 new ordinary shares valued at S$1.00 each.  

The shares will rank equally in all respects with the existing issued ordinary shares in the capital of PTC. The increase in paid-up capital will strengthen the company's capital structure and support its efforts to develop new markets and participate in larger projects.

This increase in paid-up capital underscores PTC’s commitment to its customers and vendors, welcoming the challenge to take on the next wave of change in the IT industries.

With an ever-changing and dynamic IT landscape, system integrators need to upgrade their services and solutions to stay competitive and relevant. Automation tools, virtualization, private and public cloud systems are now commoditized, augmenting the range of solutions available to cater to customers’ needs.

As a leading system integrator, PTC actively moves to provide the best of breed solution and offer appropriate solutions for each customer. Despite its background as a traditional IT vendor, PTC is ready to embrace the cloud. To date, it has achieved success in helping customers using traditional infrastructure to adapt cloud strategies, even helping organizations move their applications running on traditional infrastructure to cloud.



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